The Ultimate GIT 5-day Challenge

A quick way to determine if working with GIT is something you want to learn more about

What you will learn

  • A very basic introduction to working with GIT
  • How to create a repository at GitHub and/or BitBucket
  • How to clone
  • add
  • commit
  • and push using the GIT BASH command line
  • How to do basic work with public and/or private GIT Repositories


This course takes us step-by-step through some basic GIT operations.  The course will not dive too deep, and takes small steps on each of five days.  As we continue through the course, we learn a basic, single-person workflow that could allow anyone to store files at GitHub or BitBucket.  

Additionally, the course gives us a chance to determine if we want to go to a deeper level with GIT.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is new to GIT
  • Anyone who is tired of making copy after copy of files
  • Anyone who is afraid of losing files to computer or drive failure
  • At least a little computer saavy
 -  The Ultimate GIT 5-day Challenge
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  • 2022-03-06