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The SECRETS to Profitable Forex Trading

Strategy + Risk Management + Psychology

What you will learn

  • how to use the trading application to open
  • close & modify
  • how to analyse the market using fundamentals & technicals
  • proper risk management to reduce losses & maximize profit
  • understanding the trading psychology


This course covers Everything you NEED to know from the Strategy + Risk Management + Psychology.

This is an overview of the Business and if you require Mentorship with Daily Trade Setups, Ready Made Strategy, Risk Management Calculator etc to speed up your learning curve then contact for further discussions.

You need a Trading Strategy to place trades else you are GAMBLING.

Price action and Support & Resistance will help you to trade the proper way.

FOREX Trading uses one form of Support and Resistance e.g. Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages (Simple or Exponential), Fractals, Relative Strength Index etc

With a proven track record of low Risk to high REWARD ratio, this strategy will help in getting to financial freedom status as long as the trader perseveres as there's no strategy that is 100%.

Minimizing of Risk and maximizing of Reward is a crucial part of trading as everyone will have losses and the smaller the loss, the better.

Having the right mindset, mentality, attitude to the business is also crucial to success. At the end of the day, if you can’t control your emotions, your trading would be control by your emotions. You would need to work with a trading plan, journal, management and goal to keep your psychology in check.

Trading is a combination of everything Strategy, Risk and Psychology and you’ll be doing a big injustice if you focus on just one out of the 3 mentioned above.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner, intermediate & advanced traders looking to improve in trading
 -  The SECRETS to Profitable Forex Trading
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