Technology for Airlines: a Fresh Look at the Ecosystem

Presentation of the airline product and tech companies that make it better. What can start ups improve in air travel?

What you will learn

  • Understand the Airline IT landscape
  • Identify gaps in the offering
  • Recognise the big players in the market


"What tech companies serve the travel market?"

"What are the gaps and opportunities?"

The airline industry is tied to the technology sector since the first Computerised Reservation System (CRS) in the 1960s, a long time before the Internet.

With more and more people owning smartphones, the travel industry is looking for the next big idea which will change the way a billion air travellers shop, book, board and fly every year!

The course will go through the Passenger Journey and the different touch points to analyse the interaction and understand the needs.

The course presents big players in each step of the journey and reveals major gaps in the offering.

The first part of the course looks at the IT Landscape of a typical airline.

The second section expands the view to the Passenger Journey and explains why airlines cannot own the relationship.

The third part focuses on the airline product and how technology improves it.

This is a course for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in both airlines and technology.

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Who this course is for:

  • anyone passionate about airlines and travel in general
  • anyone interested in technology and how it changes the passenger journey
 -  Technology for Airlines: a Fresh Look at the Ecosystem
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