Reframing: Creativity for Innovation

Learn how to create innovative ideas and perspectives.

What you will learn

  • You will think differently
  • You will be able to engage in a disruptive shift
  • You will disarm skeptics
  • You will break from conventional thinking


This is a short introductory course to Reframing. For more extensive instructions and examples:

  • Reframing Corona - using Reframing and Paradigm Shifts to rethink life and work during a global pandemic

  • Reframing personal questions: see my Reframing Your Life course.

  • Reframing work, organisations, leadership, and business models: see my Innovation Mindset course.

  • Reframing societal change: see my Paradigm Shifts course.

Reframing is an easy, four-step process that generates creative approaches for your own life and work. Reframing strongly held beliefs will help you to expose conventional wisdom that stands in the way of progress. By overturning conventional wisdom and gaining a novel perspective you will disarm skeptics and exploit the inability of others to think differently. Push the boundaries of innovation by completely flipping an idea and create new possibilities,

Reframing will take you out of your mental comfort zone, enabling you to discover new perspectives and creative solutions. If you  can make yourself chuckle during the process, then you’re on the right  path. Anyone, anywhere can apply this technique without prior training. 

The technique of reframing has been developed by Karim Benammar. The tool is extensively used at THNK School of Creative Leadership.

In order to help you with the steps, THNK has created an online tool called ReFrame that takes you through all the steps automatically, and mails you the outcome of your Reframe.

The methodology of Reframing is rooted in the theory of paradigms by Thomas Kuhn. The methodology and its background are explained in detail in the book Reframing - The Art of Thinking Differently, available on Amazon.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that dares to overturn conventional wisdom to discover new possibilities
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