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PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answer with Video Examples

Real time PL/SQL example with interview question and answer, come and read quality of question with Video's explanation

What you will learn

  • Fresher and Experienced they will refresh their PL/SQL knowledge. and they can pass any interview in any company with this all video interview question and answer


I am  PL/SQL and SQL Developer and are you ?

Learn PL/SQL with best example.

Hi all,  I am Narendra and I have about 7+ years of experience in the SQL and PL/SQL. And in this 7 years of experience I have faced 18 companies for interview and I have cleared 13 companies of them. These  question interview question and answer were common in all that companies.

If you know all answer, but you don't know how to explain them, then what is important of  knowing them.

So Learn how to answer the PL/SQL,SQL interview question.

65+ Theory and  10+ Video interview question and answer for PL/SQL . this all questions are enough for any interview. So come and read theory with Practicals.

I have put all my knowledge and experience to make 200+ most important and common  SQL and PL/SQL Questions and answer for you only 

I want to help each one of you to succeed in the PL/SQL Job Interview. If you want after interview question and answer we can conduct one short round of interview.

And my friends at the end of this course, you will know all the way  to answer the most common SQL interview questions.

So are you ready to prepare the most common question and  answers of PL/SQL.

Take this course and enjoy the best way of learning PL/SQL.

See you inside the course!

Some of PL/SQL Question

1.  What is Package

2. How to write  Package specification

3. What is Package body

4. What is Procedure

5. How to execute procedure from Pl/SQL block

6. How to drop or delete procedure 

7. What is Function

8. how to call function in PL/SQL block

9. How to call procedure in begin block

10. How to call package

11. What is substr Function?

12. What is ceil Function?

13. What is translate Function?

14. select translate('12Benchpe34','1234','5678') from dual;

15. select translate('1234Benchpe567','1234567','') from dual;

Please don't waste your time to search answer of all this question on internet.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who has basic knowledge in PL/SQL or SQL.
  • Any one who want to Learn database
  • Fresher and Experienced
 -  PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answer with Video Examples
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