Master 5 Economic Concepts

Become an Economist in less than 1 hour!

What you will learn

  • Make better educated decisions your whole life
  • Analyse changes in the market
  • Recognise entrepreneurial chances
  • Make educated decisions as a consumer
  • Master your school economics course
  • Understand how businesses work
  • Understand the theory behind decision making
  • Understand why you pay and receive a price for renting money


Become an Economist in less than 1 hour!

These concepts will not change over time. The knowledge you master here is useful your entire life.

You will learn the following 5 concepts:

• Supply & Demand
· Get insight into the most important theory in Economics

• Inflation & Deflation
· Should you save or spend?

• Exchange rates
· Know why exchange rates fluctuate and how that influences you

• Interest rates
· What price do you pay for renting money?

• Opportunity cost
· This theory will make you a better decision maker

Understand how businesses work, how the markets operate and get an A for your Economics course.

We start every video with the basics, and build from there step-by-step discussing a lot of relevant examples while staying within the 6 to 9 minute timeframe.

In less than 1 hour you have mastered the theory and will make better decisions in business, finance and your personal life.

Because this is my first Udemy course it is completely free!

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
 -  Master 5 Economic Concepts
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