Learning to use a knife for beginner home cooks

Get comfortable with a kitchen knife, no more cut fingers and make cooking more enjoyable with this mini-course

What you will learn

  • Get comfortable gripping and using a kitchen knife
  • Get confident with making different cuts
  • Learn to chop food safely
  • Learn how to keep a knife sharp


Feeling frustrated with hacking up vegetables? Scared of that horrible moment when the knife slips and you feel the blade cut into a finger? Or simply find cooking slow and boring because it takes soooo long to cut stuff up?

Then this mini-course is for you! Most other courses/books/videos only show you how to cut up specific vegetables/proteins, which is not useful if you've not even been shown how to grip a knife properly! Think about it, has anyone ever taught you how to use a knife properly? For most people the answer is no!

This mini-course takes it right back to the fundamentals, and it is designed to get you comfortable and confident with using a knife. It takes you step by step through exercises that, with practise, will make sure that you are the master of the blade. I believe that cooking should be fun, and that good knife skills speed up cooking and make it more fun.

Note: This course does not teach you how to cut up specific vegetables/proteins as there are hundreds of them and no course could cover them all. Instead, this course teaches fundamentals like body positioning, knife grip, hand position, and different cuts that will get you used to moving the knife in different ways.

Who this course is for:

  • For home cooks who are uncomfortable or scared of using a knife and looking to learn how to use one safely.
  • For beginner cooks who want to get used to using a knife in a structured way.
  • For people who may accidentally cut themselves when using a kitchen knife, and want to learn proper technique to stop this happening
 -  Learning to use a knife for beginner home cooks
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