Learn how to get contracts or a job at the United Nations

How to select posts with the least candidates, pass the tests, interviews and get recruited or hired for contracts.

What you will learn

  • Understand all aspects of a career with the United Nations and the recruitment process.
  • Research and identify the jobs and contracts that suit you best.
  • To modify your résumé and letter of interest for each application to greatly enhanced your chance to get short listed by both the automated system and UN Human Resource staff.
  • Fully prepared for your competitive test.
  • Understand the Recruitment Panel’s goal and be ready for the Competency Based interview.


The course is designed with one goal in mind; To equip the students with in-depth knowledge of the United Nations recruitment process and greatly increase their odds to be hired at the United Nations for a life-long rewarding career or short-term highly paid contracts that could potentially lead to long-term appointments

The secret to get contracts short or long at the UN is to know the organizational structure, on which post to apply where you'll have a better chance to get your foot in the door, to prepare your résumé to pass the multiple automated and manual screening processes, to be ready for your test and finally the Competency Based interview.

The course will follow that process, making sure you understand each step. The lecture will use images, PowerPoint slides and video screenshots of the actual websites. Example of letters, official emails and given replies will be at your disposal including all latest information for the United Nations to help you make your decisions on where/what to apply.

The course will last about 3 hours in lecture as there is a lot of information to cover and you will have access to me in the discussion panel should you have any further questions on the course, during and after.

If you take the time visit to the site Glass Door a website that has jobs review for various organizations, everyone agrees that the United Nations offers an awesome work environment and a rewarding career, but it is very difficult to get a job there. That is because there are a lot of applicants, the process is complex and you need to be best prepared, and after this course, you will be!

Signup and I'll see you inside. As for all my other courses, if you are not satisfied I'll return your money, no questions ask.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that would enjoy an international career with one of the most significant mission-driven organizations, with attractive salary and benefits packages plus one of the best retirement plans in the world, and excellent opportunity to grow.
  • People with a university or advanced degree that want to work internationally and pursuit a rewarding career
  • People that want to make a difference in the world and be well compensated for it
  • People in developing nations who are seeking job security with great benefits that far outweigh what is available in their countries
 -  Learn how to get contracts or a job at the United Nations
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