Learn Angular 4 from Scratch

Go from zero to hero with this free Angular 4 course!

What you will learn

  • Installing Angular 4 Apps with the CLI
  • Understand Components
  • Integrate UI Animations
  • Create Services
  • Deploy an Angular App
  • Style an Angular UI
  • Understand Data Binding


Angular is one of the most popular javascript frameworks for creating web apps. Maintained by Google, you can be assured that this powerhouse of a framework is built with speed and purpose.

In this 100% free Angular 4 course, I'm going to make the assumption that you have never touched Angular in your life. Experience with AngularJS (1.0) or Angular 2 is not mandatory.

Learn the very basics such as how to install an Angular 4 app, all the way to creating your own services and integrating UI animations.

This course is a must watch for those who are taking our other app-based Angular courses (coming soon). It will provide you with all of the fundamentals and beginner stuff that you will need.

So, let's get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Frontend & Backend Developers
 -  Learn Angular 4 from Scratch
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  • 2022-03-06