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HVAC fundamental concepts, designs and systems

Fundamentals, designs and HVAC systems with images and diagrams

What you will learn

  • HVAC(heating ventilation and air conditioning) fundamentals and design course will cover all the important topics which are required for designing the HVAC systems
  • Human thermal comfort and its standards
  • HVAC system classifications
  • AHU and its components with images and diagrams
  • Brief explanations on various components of HVAC systems


This course includes most important fundamentals and design concepts which are helpful to carry out HVAC system design

Various HVAC system explanation with images and diagrams

  • HVAC system introduction

  • centralised and localised systems - classifications and explanations

  • Air handling unit and its components - classifications and explanations

  • thermal comfort - temperature range, heat transfer and effective measures

Who this course is for:

  • HVAC professionals
  • HVAC industry trainee
  • HVAC industry workers
  • engineering students
  • Science students
  • curious minds
 -  HVAC fundamental concepts, designs and systems
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  • 2022-03-11