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Start speaking German with the Modal verbs

The amazing story about the Modal Verbs and their adventures

What you will learn

  • Begin speaking German with the help of a few very useful verbs - The Modal Verbs
  • Interact in everyday situations (eating out
  • traveling
  • asking for help
  • expressing your thoughts) with the help of the Modal verbs
  • Conjugate Modal verbs
  • meaning change them according to the person you are referring to
  • Have fun watching my silly "animations" :)


Feel like leveling up your German skills but don't know where to start?

The key to getting better is to learn grammar and vocabulary that is easy to master but at the same time very useful and highly adjustable to your needs. Exactly that is what the modal verbs offer. You will be surprised how much more you will be able to say after mastering the secrets of the German modal verbs.

The course is short and consists of bite-sized lessons that can be squeezed into every schedule.


What you get:

  • Learn everything you ever wanted (or didn`t want) to know about the German modal verbs - who they are, what do they usually do, who their friends are and what they do together (and even a dark secret about their personality).

  • Then take this knowledge to the real life section - and use it however you want! You will see that the modal verbs are really useful in your everyday conversations, and that by knowing them, your speaking and writing skills will greatly improve.

  • This mini course packed with info is only 45 minutes long and with its colorful and fun presentation I guarantee that it will not bore you!

  • You will also get a lot of exercises and quizzes to help you remember and practice what you learned and start using it right away


The course isn't long, so why don't you try it! :)

After the course, if you still have any questions, comments, things that confuse you, something you want to talk about, or just share your opinion about some amazing German beer you just tried, feel free to drop me a note! :)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed for the ones stuck somewhere between the "total beginner" and the "not even close to intermediate" stage
  • It can also be useful to total newbies, since all German in the course is translated into English, and everything is explained from the beginning
 -  Start speaking German with the Modal verbs
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