Fundamentals of Culture

Culture: Know your society

What you will learn

  • Students will explore various facts and facets of Culture
  • Students will get glances of various cultural theories


This is an introductory course which ventilates various facets of Culture. Video lectures contain refereed citations from various sources. Important concepts are defined and discussed. Each section provides a range of relevant facts on items. All such facts are, however, very important and are to be used by the interested users for their specific purposes.

Areas of study include:

1. What is Culture?

2. Popular Culture

3. Subculture

4. Various concepts of culture

5. Cultural study

6. Theories of Culture

The primary benefit of the course is to increase knowledge on cultural concepts and thereby it improves significantly the analytical efficiency of the trainees regarding culture. By explaining the contents with various videos, the course will be able to sensitize people on cultural studies. Resource materials have organic illustrations which will help students to understand the concepts.

Various well-defined concepts of cultural studies are the integral part of the course.

This course ventilates integrated pattern of learning. It will play a crucial role to understand the basics of cultural issues. This course systematically displays various facts.

Understudies investigate and examine the collaborations of individuals, cultural history, societies and conditions. Students will be able to figure out how social, political and social elements influence various cultural issues; and how individuals work and impart in and across sociocultural gatherings. Through the investigation of Society and Culture, understudies build up the capacity to analyze society, by creating abilities, qualities and understandings that will ensure successful support in contemporary society.

Who this course is for:

  • Sociology Students, Students of Arts, Students of Agricultural Extension
 -  Fundamentals of Culture
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  • 2022-03-10