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All About Light ( Photoshop )

Photoshop Lighting Techniques

What you will learn

  • Photoshop lighting techniques.
  • The effects of different types of lighting.


Even the world's greatest photographers sometimes need a helping hand to capture the image that they see in their mind's eye. The fact remains, that even with all the experience in the world, the best of equipment, location, timing and luck, the final image may be rendered as a poor reproduction of the original scene. this is where photoshop can be a plus to put that "wow" factor back into your image.

I put together five photoshop tutorials to help in creating various lighting effects:

  1. Low key lighting.

  2. High key lighting.

  3. Warm lighting.

  4. Cold lighting.

  5. Converting overcast images to sunlight images.

Who this course is for:

  • Digital Photographers.
  • Anyone interested in photoshop.
 -  All About Light ( Photoshop )
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